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As an adventurous content creator, I wanted to collaborate with a renowned brand to showcase my skills and reach a wider audience. I aimed to work with GoPro, a leader in action cameras, to create engaging content featuring my electric skateboard adventures with my dog, Rex. The challenge was to get noticed and impress GoPro with my content to secure the collaboration.

Solution & Impact

I created captivating content featuring my electric skateboard adventures with my dog, Rex, using my GoPro action camera. This led to a collaboration with GoPro, who recognized the quality and creativity of my work. They featured my content on their official social media accounts, significantly expanding my reach and introducing me to a global audience of adventure enthusiasts and GoPro fans.

My Role

  • Content Creation
  • Photo and Video Editing
  • Social Media

As the content creator and strategist, I planned and executed the project, showcasing the incredible capabilities of GoPro’s action cameras in adventurous scenarios. My determination and dedication to creating engaging content caught GoPro’s attention, resulting in this successful collaboration.

This post is pure excitement! 🤩 The skateboarding with Rex is heartwarming and thrilling. The GoPro action camera captures every moment perfectly. No wonder GoPro featured it! 🎥🐾 Follow this creator for more incredible adventures! 

— Leonetta Lloyd

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