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Lugarten, a gardening business, faced the challenge of nonexistent digital presence. With no website or social media presence, reaching and engaging potential customers was difficult.

Solution & Impact

To address this problem, I developed and implemented a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for Lugarten. I created a visually appealing website and optimized it using SEO techniques, boosting organic visibility. Simultaneously, I crafted engaging content and established Lugarten’s social media presence.

The impact was significant. Lugarten gained a professional website, attracting organic traffic and increasing inquiries and conversions. The social media presence led to improved brand awareness, customer trust, and a growing community of gardening enthusiasts.

My Role

  • Website Design
  • SEO Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Content Creation

As the digital marketing strategist, I played a key role in conceptualizing and executing the project. I conducted research, created the website, implemented SEO strategies, and developed engaging social media content. Through my efforts, Lugarten achieved remarkable growth in online presence and established itself as a reputable gardening brand.

web design for lugarten
social media strategy for lugarten
digital marketing for lugarten

Collaborating with Gabriel Ivlev on SEO campaigns has been impressive. His analytical skills, proactive approach, and dedication have led to significant organic growth. Gabriel’s professionalism, positive attitude, and expertise make him a pleasure to work with.

Sarah Johnson, Digital Marketing Manager

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